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Virtual One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course - 7 May 20


The Battlefield Insight Course delivered exactly what was promised – and much more. Drawing upon the experience of Mike Peters, a true understanding of the role and skill sets required of a battlefield guide was imparted in unvarnished fashion. Course participants now have actionable knowledge about how to start working within the industry, the groups which make-up the bulk of visitors and the core battlefields on which expertise must be built. This knowledge permits career decisions to be made on the basis of factual information and sound advice. 


The course was perfectly suited to delivery in the online environment; extending the opportunity for participation internationally. As such, it expanded networks across the globe and introduced participants to new people and new opportunities. This included the three excellent guest speakers who are true experts in their field. It was great to meet fellow enthusiasts with a passion for historic battlefields, possessed of a range of military service and tour experiences. Opportunities available through the Guild of Battlefield Guides were also opened to us.  


I strongly recommend the One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course as an investment for any person with even the slightest curiosity about entering the battlefield tour industry.


Lt Col Ross Cable, SO1 Staff Rides, Australian Army Research Centre


Based on years of experience, both good and bad, Mike has designed this course to ensure the next batch of would be guides know what is involved. It is not designed to teach history; it is here to give you a grounding on what is expected should you want to become a battlefield guide. So, as someone with a long standing interest in military history and travel, it seemed right that I should look at becoming slightly more professionalised. Mike's one day insight course was superb. Mixed with a range guest speakers all offering a different perspective - the self employed guide, a tour operator and new guide.  The course includes, but was not limited to highlighting the audiences you might be required to host, for example school kids or corporate groups and where you could focus your efforts in terms of interest and accessibility. One key take away is that while you are the historian, you may also be the tour manager and that takes a different set of skills altogether. For example, what do we do with the person that loses their passport on day one???  I came away with a greater awareness of the trade actually wanting more! And while some might be put off by virtual learning, they shouldn't. The delivery is relaxed, methodical and geared to all levels. Lots of nuggets from Mike (which in all fairness are worth their weight in gold) who has been around the scene a few years!  This is a must course for anyone considering employment in the world of battlefield guiding; to ignore the advice and guidance of Mike and the speakers would be to your own peril. Highly recommended and excellent value for money and for military personnel, SLCs can be utilised.  Next stop, the battlefield guide modules. Thanks Mike -  a great day and the start of my journey... 


Mike Owens, Hameln, Germany


A Recent Blog from Beth Moore, Beth started her journey as a Battlefield Guide with TGT&V:

I am incredibly lucky in the fact that I get to do something that I love as a job. I am a battlefield tour guide for Anglia Tours, and I spend my time doing what I am most passionate about, talking about the First World War. When I tell people that I am a battlefield tour guide, usually the first thing that is said is ‘Ooh how interesting!’ quickly followed by ‘how did you manage to get into something like that?!’

My guiding journey began whilst I was still at university, with the recommendation of completing some courses coming from my lecturer. These courses were run by Mike Peters (@TGTandV for those on Twitter - or click here for the website). These courses have been designed by Mike in order to provide prospective battlefield guides with the practical knowledge they need to carry out battlefield tours. It was on these courses that the concept of being a battlefield guide was firmed up in my mind. Mike’s courses were thorough and offered lots of opportunities to actually present stands – something I had not done up until that point – and receive advice and suggestions from other aspiring tour guides about our style of presenting. These courses were invaluable to my development as a battlefield guide and I can say with complete confidence that I would not be where I am today without Mike, his courses and his recommendation to me of Anglia Tours - click here for the Anglia website.

My involvement with Anglia began in January 2016, when I started the process to join the company as a battlefield guide. There were many stages that I had to undergo in order for the company to see if you were ready to go on the books as a guide. I remember taking part in a 3-day assessment where we had to prepare stands and present them to the group. This was my first true test of guiding and I think this definitely showed. I had no real experience of much other than education. Whereas the other prospective guides had life experience, being ex-military, ex-police or ex-teachers, I had still been at university less than 9 months earlier. They were used to presenting to groups; the closest I had gotten to speaking to large groups was a presentation or two whilst at university or school. With hindsight, I have realised that I wasn’t sufficiently prepared, and I needed more time to develop as a guide, and more time to experience being in a world that did not have the safety net of education anymore. Eventually, I proved myself to the company; that I was good enough to be considered an Anglia guide and in March 2017, I undertook my first tour for the company. I must put in a massive thanks here to Alain Chissel aka The Boss! He took a chance on me where others had not, and I am very grateful to him for providing me with the opportunity to do something that I love and hold very dear.

Getting to this point was a very long journey for me and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family, particularly my husband and my mom. Practically, they ferried me around the country so that I wouldn’t miss out on key opportunities, have helped me sort out the practical elements to my guiding and have been ready to assist in any other way. Emotionally, they have supported me through the highs and lows of the process – of which there have been many! The support and love that I have received from them has been of such importance to me, and I owe so much of my success to them. Thank you all so much.

Since then, I have been on a whirlwind of a journey. I guide general First World War tours, Surgery and Treatment tours, UK based First World War tours and will hopefully one day soon guide Development of Warfare tours. I have guided schools from different parts of the country, different educational backgrounds, mixed gender and single sex schools. No two tours are the same, even with repeat customers. My time as a guide has taught me to expect the unexpected, to roll with the punches. You can have a tour that goes as seamlessly as possible from start to finish one week, and the next, a tour where everything that could go wrong, does go wrong. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t change anything I’ve done for the world. I feel so lucky and privileged that I get to go to some of my most favourite places in the world for my job and speak about the subject that I am most passionate about. I have made great friendships with my colleagues, who all mean the world to me and have become like family – I have a lot of ‘Anglia dads’ and even an ‘Anglia sister’! 

It’s true that I don’t fit with what you might automatically think of when the words ‘battlefield tour guide’ are mentioned. Yes, I like to traipse around muddy fields and discuss the whys and wherefores of the First World War at length, but I also like to spend my time watching Disney films. I tend to bring down the age average amongst my guiding colleagues by a bit and am one of a few female guides, although fantastically there are increasing numbers which is cause for celebration! I am generally closer in age to the students than the people I guide with and I get allocated lots of tours with girl’s schools, unsurprisingly! However, I like to think that my unique combination of being young and female enables me to bring a different dimension to battlefield guiding. I hope that I can be a positive influence on the students I guide, particularly the young women and show them that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and persevere!


The One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course 10 Feb 20 - Stoke Ash, Suffolk


I can absolutely recommend Mike’s One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course to anyone thinking of whether working as a battlefield guide would be for them.  The structure of the course was easy to follow with an initial very helpful section on the differing types of audiences and how they can be best managed and informed, this gave you a really good overview of where you might feel more comfortable.  Of particular value I felt were the presentations from an independent guide and from a schools tour operator, giving differing perspectives on how one could operate and some of the more practical elements of being a battlefield guide, such as training, how to set yourself up, etc.
Mike’s presentations on where battlefield tours go gave some additional pointers in addition to those one already knew.  By the time the day ended I came away thinking that this was something I wanted to do and had the beginnings of a plan as to how to go about doing it, which is absolutely what the course is intended to do.
Stephen Brann, Haywards Heath, Sussex



The Three-Day Battlefield Guide Field Module - Somme 15 - 17 Jan 20


Having attended Mike's one-day Battlefield Guide Insight Course last November, I had high hopes for the three-day Field Module to the Somme, and I was not disappointed. As with the One-Day course, the Field Module is structured to provide a solid platform on which to build. The pace is quick, but manageable.


The course is a lot of fun, there's no denying that, but I think much of the fun my group got from it was by seeing how we each developed over the three days, improving our stand delivery styles, our route planning and navigation, or our responses to imagined (but, no doubt, eminently likely) emergency scenarios.


The feedback and appraisal from Mike after a stand, at the end of a day, and at the end of the course are invaluable, constructive and helpful. The learning environment is such that you can see your own progression, and that of the group you're with. Of course, his knowledge of the subject is extraordinary, and his advice and guidance are both outstanding.


Speaking personally, I now feel fully prepared to approach tour operators with a view to seeking guiding appointments, whereas before this course and the one-day Insight Course, I doubt I would have had that confidence. I recommend this course to anyone who is considering a career change into Battlefield Guiding, especially if, like me, your previous experience has been limited to one particular customer type.


Nigel Marshall, Leeds, West Yorkshire


I have now completed the both the Ypres and Somme Field Courses and I would honestly say they have been the best battlefield tours I have done in many years of battlefield touring. It’s great to be given topics to research and present back, it’s also great to see the different approaches and styles of others on the course. The main sites and locations are a given, so it is helpful to have a few “extras” available which makes a good tour into a great tour. The Somme in January was very different to Ypres in August but a second course allows you to build on your previous experience. You have a better idea what to expect and another opportunity to develop your use of props, laminated pictures, maps and to release your “inner thespian”  


Apart from the historical aspects, it is essential to understand the more domestic aspects of tours guiding, whether you can get a coach down a particular road, where to eat and drink, where are the best toilets etc. and to learn from Mike’s previous good and not so good experiences. These courses have opened my eyes to the work needed to become a good guide. Whatever your guiding ambitions, these courses will help you to understand your strengths and development areas. They will also give you the opportunity to meet other useful industry contacts and to meet like-minded aspiring Battlefield Guides. Like most courses, the more you put in, the more you will get out. Many thanks to my new colleagues Mike, Rocky, Andrew and Susie (Ypres) and to Mike, Karl, Nigel and Jon (Somme) for your enthusiasm, energy, knowledge and friendship.


I would say the Insight and Field Courses are essential for anyone who is contemplating a battlefield tour guide career. They are informative, educational, challenging but equally enjoyable, sociable and great fun.


Thanks again Mike for all your help and support.


Paul Iverson, Guildford, Surrey


I have Just completed the Three-Day Battlefield Guide development course with Mike Peters on The Somme. The experience was one of the most enlightening & enjoyable I’ve ever had. Mike’s enthusiasm expertise & experience makes a course seem like a personal tour whilst all the time developing your Guiding technique & knowledge almost subliminally! I cannot recommend Mike highly enough, 3 Days I’ll never forget!


Jon Williams, Abergavenny, South Wales


From attending my first battlefield tour as a young Army Sergeant in the 1990s I have always been fascinated with battlefields, the stories they produce and the secrets they hold.  I have had a niggling voice in the back of my mind for many years of trying my hand at guiding but never got around to taking the plunge.  I am now in the twilight of my military career and am looking for the next chapter of my life, so I decided over Christmas I would contact Mike to discuss attending one of his One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight courses.  On chatting with Mike, he pointed out to me that there was Three-Day Field Module course leaving for the Somme the following week with a spare place on it.  I immediately started the ball rolling and got the required clearance from my unit to attend.  Mike pointed out that the courses are designed so that one could attend either course first and it didn’t matter what order they ran.  So it was that 9 days later I found myself on the Somme, presenting to 3 other students and to Mike.  The course itself was fantastic!  I found it extremely valuable in providing ideas for ways to deliver effective and educational information to clients alongside some shrewd advice about the logistics of a battlefield tour.  I found  the insider knowledge of the tourists’ areas and ‘back pocket nuggets’ of touring the Somme invaluable. 

My fellow students all had such enthusiasm for guiding and their depth of knowledge was truly inspiring.  It was really fulfilling being involved with people who had a passion for military history like I have never seen.  I was grateful to both the students and Mike for having the patience and understanding to support, mentor and guide me through the 3 days.  After each stand, we had and open debate to discuss the good points (some were outstanding) and not so good points (mainly mine) and how we could improve each stand and our skill-set stand for the future.   

Motivating, well-structured, competent, instructive, informative and creative“ are just a few of the words I would use when describing the course.  I cannot recommend the Course highly enough and I would certainly recommend it to any of my colleagues and friends thinking of becoming a professional guide.  Here’s to Normandy!!!!

Karl Brennan, Harlow Hill, Northumberland


The One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course – Stoke Ash, 25 Nov 2019


Conducted in a relaxed and comfortable environment, Mike Peters’ TGT & V One-day Insight course is a must for anyone wishing to become a Battlefield Guide and Tour Manager. I came to the course as someone with some, limited experience of running small scale, ad-hoc, battlefield tours and studies. I found the course confirmed validity of what I was already doing as a Battlefield Guide, but it also shone a light into other methods of creating and delivering a worthwhile, engaging and coherent tour that I had not previously considered. I have come away from the course armed with a new outlook, and many fresh ideas that I look forward to putting into practice to better enable me to add structure my tours and make the business of being a Guide more sustainable.


The course content is comprehensive in terms of preparing a potential guide to deliver a whole range of different experiences, to different audiences at all levels of knowledge, across the full age range of clients that may visit a battlefield site. It is presented to course attendees in easily comprehensible language, at a pace which is digestible and lets the detail stick and is fully supported by handouts that students may keep and refer to in the future. A guest speaker, another vastly experienced and respected professional Guide, giving her perspective of the highs and possible lows of Guiding added greatly to the course.


Mike is clearly a consummate professional who engages incredibly well with the students, and this is demonstrated by the amount of detail the course delivers without it becoming overwhelming. He makes time to allow note taking and questions, yet the pace of the course never felt rushed to make up for that.

A relaxed and comfortable environment make for a very enjoyable learning experience.


I am now looking forward very much to the Field Module on the Somme in January 2020 so that I can incorporate the learning into the presentation of my stands to my fellow Guides.

I cannot recommend Mike Peters, TGT & V, and the One-day Insight Course highly enough to anyone wishing to work in the Battlefield Touring and Guiding industry.


Nigel Marshall, Leeds, West Yorkshire


The Three-Day Battlefield Guide Field Module - Ypres Salient 7-9 Aug 2019


After attending the One-Day Insight course, it was only natural to attend the Three-Day Field Training Module.

Mike is thoroughly professional, approachable and always willing to answer questions, he was willing to pass on his knowledge of the industry. As an aspiring battlefield guide I found this course not only packed full of information that I hadn’t really considered but it also confirmed that this is a career path that I intend to follow. 


Time was spent not only on the theory and planning of battlefield touring but also included other issues and factors that could potentially influence the tour’s timings & delivery, I found this invaluable. Getting to know the local area and amenities was also essential, being introduced to local business owners and other Battlefield Guides gave a different perspective. In addition, the opportunity of meeting a female guide and getting her take on life as a guide was very invaluable (as well as inspiring).


The constructive feedback given by Mike on each presentation was helpful for future delivery, and the hints and tips have been taken on board, I now feel much more confident as a guide than before I attended the course.


I really enjoyed this course and would recommend it to any aspiring Battlefield Guide, I gained so much more from this course than just the basic insight of how to be a Battlefield Guide.


Susan Rotherforth, Darlington Co. Durham


Knowing of Mike’s reputation, I had high expectations of this course and he completely exceeded them. The course is well thought through with practice stands and tour scenario discussions intermingled with practical tips and professional know how from a leading guide. The group was a disparate mixture of trainees from military, academic and civilian backgrounds, but thanks to Mike’s leadership the group gelled well and all benefitted from hearing each others’ perspectives. It was pleasing to see how every member of the group improved in their performance with each day. I recommend the course without reservation, whether you are considering going in for battlefield guiding professionally or, like me, you just intend to continue to take small groups of friends to battlefields and want to raise your game. 


Andrew Rice, Imperial College, London


Thank you Mike, I had a great time and the Ypres field module has definitely confirmed that I'm going down the right path for my second career! I thought the stands we did highlighted perfectly where certain aspects of the First World War could be covered in the Salient and I learnt a great deal from the Paul, Susie and Andrew. What I really took onboard was the customer care aspects of guiding and the course has certainly given me a good baseline for organising thoughts and planning how to conduct tours. I will be joining you for the Somme Field Module in November.


Michael Salmon, Penzance, Cornwall


The One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course - 5 Aug 2019


This one day course really does live up to its name. Through his understanding of the industry, expertise and enthusiasm for battlefield guiding, Mike led a terrific days training that provided me with a genuine insight into this line of work. The day gave me an honest assessment of the tool kit of skills needed to be a guide, as well as providing a great opportunity to meet and network with others interested in pursuing battlefield guiding.
Russell Tucker, Stevenage, Herts

I can’t recommend Mike Peters & TGT&V highly enough. As a newcomer to the world of Tour management & Battlefield guiding his one day workshop is a perfect introduction to the industry. Mike’s knowledge & expertise built up over many years is obvious & he distils it perfectly in the one day workshop to provide a great platform for anyone looking to embark on a career in the industry.


Jon Williams, Abergavenny, South Wales


The One-Day Insight course is packed with vital information that anyone who is serious in conducting future battlefield guiding needs to hear. Expertly delivered, Mike provides a wealth of practical knowledge that underlines the key information that you need to consider and offers great advice on how to get started. Whatever your level experience, you will walk away from this course with a firm grasp of opportunities that may be available to suit your future guiding aspirations. Highly recommended.


Michael Salmon, Penzance, Cornwall


The Three-Day Battlefield Guide Field Module - Somme Battlefields 6-8 Feb 2019


A very productive three days on the Somme. Fascinating to hear everyone’s stands and receive constructive feedback on my own. Mike’s knowledge of the area and the sharing of his experience and ideas of how to produce an exceptional tour were particularly useful.
Kate P, London

The One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course - 1 Feb 2019


The One-day Battlefield Guide Insight Course in February 2019 was for me a follow on after attending the excellent Three-Day Ypres Field Module conducted in Nov 2018.


This One Day Insight completes the full package with all the administrative information required to become a successful Battlefield Guide. The Where, Who, and What advice given was first class, well presented, and professionally delivered. The day had a welcoming and informal atmosphere, the presentations b Mike and the Guest Speaker were delivered with humour and enthusiasm. I learned a lot over the course of the day and I fully endorse and recommend the Insight Day to anyone considering becoming a Battlefield Guide.


Shaun Mallinson, Yorkshire


This course did exactly what it promised: it provided an excellent overview of the theory and practice of becoming a professional Battlefield Guide.  Mike Peters has a deep and profound knowledge of the Guiding industry and his experience shines through.  His tips for breaking into the field were particularly beneficial.  I thoroughly recommend his One-Day Insight Course if you are considering taking up Battlefield Guiding.


Jon Davy, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire


The Three-Day Battlefield Guide Field Module - Ypres Salient Nov 2018


It has long been a dream of mine to learn to become a Battlefield guide so this course was a real goal for me. I was not to be disappointed Mike gave us a great briefing and the Stands we had to present were cleverly linked to give us a solid base of work to start the journey. I couldn’t fault the whole 3 days at all, it was very well thought out with administration, travel and Hotel all being first rate. We also received a really good insight into the Tourist infrastructure of the area which is equally important as the Historical knowledge. The format of the training was very collaborative and supportive with feedback on each stand delivered in a positive style. I liked the camaraderie of the group which meant you take away knowledge of many more subjects and viewpoints as well as your own. In addition to our own stands Mike gave us background and information on many other sites and areas of the salient which was invaluable. I would highly recommend this course if you want to learn to become a Battlefield guide and can’t wait for the next phase on the Somme to further broaden my knowledge.


Paul Duggan, Wymondham, Norfolk


The One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course - 11 Jun 2018

In June 2018 I attended the ‘One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course’, delivered by Mike Peters of TGT+V.  The day was well structured, informative and relaxed. It gave a superb insight into the world of Battlefield Guiding, and dispelled some myths and preconceptions that I had held. 
Meeting another experienced guide who gave valuable insights into the reality of guiding, and the other candidates who had the same concerns and questions as me was highly valuable.
Mike gave me confidence and reassurance that I was capable of becoming a Battlefield Guide, and I now look forward to the next stage in the process.
I would whole heartedly recommend the 'One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course’.
Francis Mullan, London
Full credit to you for all the practical advice, much enjoyed your informative delivery and unlike some courses I have been to we managed to avoid death by power point!
It was everything I had hoped and a great deal more. Thank you very much indeed, very grateful and I will be booking onto a Field Module.
Stephen Rees, Berkhampstead

The One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course - 18 Apr 2017


I attended the One Day Battlefield Guide Course on 18th April 2017 and thoroughly enjoyed. If you have any interest in finding out what is involved in becoming a battlefield guide then this course is a must. Mike Peters shares his many years of experience in the industry and sets out clearly what the role requires. He delivers a vast array off information in a interesting and engaging way and you will finish the day having all the information required to be able to make a decision about whether this is a path that you wish to pursue.

Tim Clayton


The TGT&V Battlefield Guide Insight Course delivered exactly as advertised.  I now have the benefit of Mike's decades of experience within the industry and have a clear idea of where I want to fit into it.  A modest investment thoroughly well spent.

Stephen Ward, Plymouth, Devon
Mike, Just wanted to say thank you for an interesting day. Although I have conducted Battle Field Tours in the form of Military 'Staff Rides', there is, as you say, always something new to learn and I have today.
I have no doubt that I will want to carry this forward in preparation for leaving the Forces. I have every intention of attending the Three-Day Battlefield Guide Field Module in November this year.
Andy Smith, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk


The Three-Day Battlefield Guide Field Module - Ypres Salient Aug 2015


Having attended the "Battlefield Guide Insight Course' I thought I would contact you again, to say thank you. The day was very informative, and has confirmed to me that Guiding is really for me and something I would like to progress. I now have the problem of my current job getting in the way, but will manage somehow.I will hopefully attend further courses in the not too distant future, and look forward to meeting with you again.



Jim Aitchison, Bristol

This was a terrific course that provided a great insight into the business and a good look around the Ypres Salient. The training included visits to well-known locations and some that were off the beaten track and we avoided 'cemetery fatigue'. As well as looking at the events of 1914-18 we also considered the practicalities of Tour Management including access, timings, facilities and how to get involved in wreath-laying at the Menin Gate.

Each of us novices was given the opportunity to present three 'stands' and to receive feedback from Mike. It was useful to compare how we all delivered our respective stands and to pick up different ideas on approach and presentatiion. 

All in all, it was a very worthwhile weekend, and a lot of fun, too, with a good mix of trainees. We even managed a beer or two along the way...If you're interested in getting into guiding, this is a great way to get a good look at the business. Highly recommended!  I look forward to hearing from you re the Somme module.
Tony Harris, London

The Four-Day Anzac Western Front Field Module 27 Feb - 2 Mar 2015


The Anzac module provided by TGT&V is exceptional. From start to finish it is well organised and well managed. Despite inclement weather everyone who took part in the course I attended found the whole experience very rewarding in terms of developing a deeper understanding of the Anzac experience of the Western Front and of the logistics of managing such a tour. I came away from it with a far greater grasp of the events and, as usual, tremendous respect for Mike Peters who is supportive and encouraging to all who take part. Highly recommended.


Lindsay Whitehurst, Stafford, Staffordshire


I have attended two of Mike Peter's training weekends for battlefield guides, in Ypres and, more recently, the Anzac module.  Both have been excellent; Mike ensures a thorough understanding of the key geography and actions of the battles concerned and how to present and run battlefield stands for adult and school groups.  The technical, leadership and administrative aspects of being a tour manager were also covered in detail.  This was excellent training for me as someone new to guiding and, I daresay, would be very valuable for more experienced guides too.  It was also great fun, I cannot recommend these weekends highly enough. As a result of this training I am now working for 2 battlefield tour operators.


Rob Deere, Exeter, England


Another first rate module with Mike. This is a comprehensive field based 4 day course which covers all the major actions of the Anzac Divisions from Fromelles in 1916 to Mont St Quentin in 1918. Mike talks you through how an Anzac tour works explaining every aspect of the administration and management of such a tour. Pre tour each guide is allocated specific stands to research and these are delivered at the relevant battlefield or memorial. Immediately after the stand Mike provides feedback covering both good and not so good points so you can improve going forward. The stand notes are shared amongst all the guides so by the end of the module you have detailed notes and handouts covering all the stands. The other benefit from these courses is that you are with other like minded guides for 4 days which only increases your level of knowledge. A thoroughly professional course which I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone considering breaking into the Anzac guiding market. I am already booked for the Anzac season 2015!


Julian Humphries, Trowbridge, Wiltshire


The One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course - Suffolk, 12 February 2015


I found the Insight Day in February very informative and I very much appreciate you sharing your expertise and knowledge. I liked the relaxed atmosphere and the chance to meet like-minded souls from a good mix of military and civilian backgrounds. The day was well structured and provided a comprehensive overview of the battlefield tour industry and of the practicalities involved. It was particularly useful to hear a different perspective from Jo Hook in the afternoon. The discussion of the role and importance of the tour manager was helpful, together with your emphasis on customer care and tailoring tours to meet clients’ needs. It was also good to see the range of props that you’d brought in as I understand how these can add to the experience of tourists. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I’m keen to take the next step in the form of the practical modules you offer.


John Harris, Maidstone


The One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course - Suffolk, November 2014


It was great to finally meet you and attend the Insight Course, it also gave me my first real chance to be around so many people that share the same interest and passion that I do.  From a networking point of view, this was a great opportunity.  As you know I am a keen user of Twitter, but to meet these people face to face is very beneficial. I also met new people and exchanged details, and I'm sure I will remain In touch with them.

The venue for the course is good, in a relaxed environment and much better than being in a college/school classroom.  The meet and greet before we commenced was a good chance to speak to the other people attending and get a feel for there interests.  Upon opening the course, it was again good to hear people's back grounds and who I may have been able to relate to.

I have to say, it is probably the first time I have been in a power point presentation where I have been so focused and interested in every single word that was said!  The time absolutely flew by and before you know it, it was lunch and then finish.  I think I made about 8 pages worth of notes.  It was delivered at the right pace and all the points covered where backed up with detailed examples where needed.

It was good to hear from the two guests speakers and how they setup/became to be involved with battlefield guiding. After coming away from the course I've set some goals for myself that in the long run will hopefully develop me. 

Overall it was an excellent course and would recommend it to anybody who has an interest in possibly becoming involved in battlefield guiding.  For the information I have come away with and now having a greater insight into the industry, the course is exceptional value for money and a valuable investment in myself.


Ben Mayne, West Midlands, England

The Insight Course was excellent and how lovely to be in a room of likeminded souls.  I learnt so much! 
Mandy McGill, Gtreat Yarmouth, England 


I thought that I would drop you an early line or two to say many thanks for yesterday's insight day into the Battlefield Guide world. For a complete novice, the day was exactly what I needed as it answered the questions that I had about the industry such as; the different types of audiences and their needs and expectations, the differences between a Guide and Tour Manager and also how the actual guiding works - great use of props by the way.
As I might have expected, you provided clear joining instructions, comfortable surroundings with refreshments and lunch, good handouts but more importantly your time and expertise and passion! 
David Walker, Cambridge, England
I thought Thursday's Insight Course was an excellent day and the course is one that every aspiring Battlefield Guide should attend. Although my circumstances are somewhat unusual in that I'm not looking to get any regular employment from guiding, it was certainly obvious that those who were thinking of doing so were given much to think of and the good bits and the potential pitfalls were dealt with equitably.
Derek Bird, Lossiemouth, Scotland


The One Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course - Suffolk, April 2014


The One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course proved to be a very useful and informative day. Mike Peters passes on his enthusiasm and expert knowledge of the subject and for any budding battlefield guide this is an inspiration to get on and start guiding. The modules where full of common sense and good ideas. I left at the end of the day determined to become a guide.
Edward Connolly, London, England.

The Three-Day Battlefield Guide Field Module - Somme Mar 2014


This Somme Module was my second Three-Day module; I’d already attended the Ypres Module last November. As with the Ypres Module, it was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, meeting the other like minded trainees and enhancing my knowledge of how to become a Battlefield Guide. The training delivered by Mike Peters is excellent, and we covered a broad spread of topics that enhance your knowledge of the Somme and demonstrate how best to present stands on the ground. I also found that I learnt a lot from my fellow trainees. Everybody comes from different backgrounds with differing methods of presenting their stands/information, and as with the previous module I gained so much from them too. 


I recommend these modules to anyone wishing to get into Battlefield Guiding.


Paul Kersey, Woodbridge, Suffolk. 


Soon after agreeing to attend the Three-Day module I was sent my 3 Stand subjects, and the serious research began. I learned so much about my allocated subjects that I'm convinced I could have attended this course with very little knowledge of the Great War and still delivered a good stand. From the moment you are picked up on Day 1, until the moment you are dropped off again on Day 3, you are learning. You visit famous Battlefields and critically, the not so well-known ones. You deliver your Stands, and watch and listen while the other Guides deliver theirs. After the Days work, you relax as a group, over a meal and a drink and talk about your stands, and the battlefields you have visited.  All in all, a great learning experience, and a fantastic 3 Days of Battlefield Guiding on the Somme. 

Ray Chesworth, Harwich, Essex    


Thanks again for a really fantastic weekend on the Somme - I learned so much from you, and really feel that I understand both the ground and the business of battlefield guiding much better now.  Still plenty to learn of course, but as you said that's a lifetime's work!


Simon Gregor, London, England


Having already been on the Three-Day Ypres Module with Mike I knew what to expect. The quality of the advice, the encouragement given and the places visited which were a mixture of the well known and less well known all added up to a great training weekend. It is clear that Mike is an expert in his field but there is no such thing as a stupid question and Mike will take time to explain the good and not so good points of your stand so that it is even better next time you deliver it. The module is all encompassing as you "walk the ground", you deliver stands, you listen to the stands of your fellow trainees and Mike explains the admin that goes with taking a battlefield tour abroad. A terrific knowledge gathering experience. Highly recommended.


Julian Humphries, Trowbridge, Wiltshire


As a non-military, female academic with a passion for military history but no experience I was a little apprehensive about taking this step but I need not have worried.  The whole course was well organised and the training and feedback were conducted in a relaxed atmosphere.  I learned so much - about guiding and about myself - in a constructive and supportive environment.  I cannot praise too highly Mike Peters.  He gives freely of his time, knowledge, enthusiasm and advice; no question is stupid, no small achievement over-looked.  Everyone on my course came away fired up and raring to go again. Brilliant! I genuinely cannot wait to do another tour - so much more to learn! I will keep checking the website - and the twitter feed but do let me know what other modules are happening. 
Lindsay Whitehurst, Stafford, Staffordshire

The One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course - Wattisham 14 Feb 2014


Initially, I was not sure about Battlefield Guide Training, so I gave Mike a call at TGT+V, and after a chat, I decided that I would attend the One Day insight Course on the 14 Feb 2014. During the course of the day you are taught about the in's and out's of the Battlefield Tour Industry by Mike and invited guest speakers - some of the top names in the business. Mike's enthusiasm and knowledge seem limitless and the course is run in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It convinced me I should go on the Three-Day Field Modulre on the Somme. 


Ray Chesworth, Harwich, Essex 


If you are contemplating getting into Battlefield Guiding at whatever level, then doing this introductory module is vital.  This will enable you to think through the potential pitfalls before you get your boots muddy.  It is a great insight to the nitty gritty of tour management and the commercial side of the business.  Well worth the investment.


Lindsay Whitehurst, Stafford, Staffordshire


The One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course - Wattisham 15 Nov 2013


As someone looking to break into the field of guiding I found the course invaluable in providing exactly what it offers - insights into the wheres, the why, but most importantly, the hows of working in the industry.  Well paced, informative and above all encouraging. Definitely recommended for anyone wanting to take their passion for military history to a new level.


Tim Lynch, Sheffield, Yorkshire


Having only recently attended one of the three-day modules, I filled any gaps in my preparation with attendance on this course. The day was a complete introduction to the meat of guiding in today’s battlefield tour industry, along with a guest speaker, the who, the where, and the what with, are all now answered. Again Mike Peters did a sterling job, I am ready and confident to get on with guiding, and should I need any advice I know where to go, excellent.


Dan Mills, London, England


A well delivered professional presentation on the Battlefield Tour Industry, and a must attend course for any aspiring Battlefield Guide. This course has certainly whetted my appetite to attend the three-day BG Field Module, and to apply for membership of the Guild of Battlefield Guides. I now feel I understand what I am about to get involved in, the structure of the course ensured everything was covered, and Mike had answers to all of our questions. Highly recommended course at the right price.


Baz Humphreys, Stowmarket, Suffolk


I would imagine that most aspiring Guides would do this course before a three-day module abroad but I had no issues in going to Ypres on the Field Module first.  
I came away from the One-Day BG Insight Course armed with information on the different groups who go on Battlefield Tours, what the needs are of those respective groups, who are the Tour operators, the administration behind a successful tour etc. Coupled with the 3 day module in Ypres, I now feel I have gained sufficient knowledge, and confidence, to make initial approaches to a number of tour operators, with a view to seeking work as a new Battlefield Guide while I build my experience on the expert foundation that Mike has given me.


Julian Humphries, Trowbridge, Wiltshire


Having recently attended the One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course I can wholeheartedly recommend it, should you be interested in learning about the industry and how to balance passion and interest with commercial venture. Delivered professionally  in a relaxed environment by one of the leading guides in the Industry today, the course is informative, and provides all of the relevant information required to set you on your way. You will definitely want to attend the 3 day course after this! Thanks Mike an excellent day all round!
Mark Hitch, Stowmarket, Suffolk
The Three-day Battlefield Guide Field Module - Ypres Salient 1-3 Nov 2013

I have considered a second career as a battlefield guide for some time; the problem is where do you go for some insight or training? I stumbled upon Mike Peters at ‘Travel Guide Training & Validation’ by chance during research and have not looked back; here I found the answers to my questions. To be taken seriously in any business these days you must be able to demonstrate a level of competence, in battlefield guiding the place to go is TGT&V.


I attended the above course and found it to be everything I expected it to be, informative, educational and enjoyable. Mike has years of experience in the field to pass on and he does so in abundance. I came away learning not only a great deal about the trade, but all the important background administration and organization it takes to plan, prepare and lead a group on the battlefield.


Dan Mills, London, England


I attended the 3 day Ypres training module earlier in November and found it excellent. I learnt so much from Mike and the other attendees. Although I had been to Ypres previously, we visited many interesting sites that I had not been to before. The research I did into my individual stands enhanced my knowledge of these subjects. It was good to meet other like minded people. A thoroughly enjoyable weekend and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in becoming a Battlefield Guide.

Paul Kersey, Woodbridge, Suffolk. 


I have recently completed the 3 day Ypres module and cannot recommend it enough. The knowledge and enthusiasm that Mike brings with regards to guiding is remarkable, and it was brilliant to be able to learn from him. The 3 days gave an insight into the everyday running of a battlefield tour which I was able to see first-hand by being on the ground and, the opportunity to present stands in a safe environment, with constructive feedback, not only from Mike, but other members of the course was in my view, invaluable. Not only did I come away from the trip with knowledge and confidence, I had a great time, and feel I made some great friends from the 4 other lads on the course with me. I recommend this course for anyone considering becoming a battlefield guide.


Scott Brand, Luton, England


I attended the three-day Ypres field module to extend my knowledge of the area and to add to the experiences needed to consider battlefield guiding.  As usual, Mike Peters proved to be a very knowledgeable and helpful guide.  This extends beyond the history to the ‘what to consider with a group of people’ parts that will be essential in any organised tour.  An extremely worthwhile exercise.


If you are considering becoming a Battlefield Guide, and do not know where to start, then I would wholeheartedly recommend Mike Peters courses. The knowledge I acquired "walking the salient" in Ypres with Mike, and my fellow trainees was first rate. Mike is very generous in his time and there is no such thing as a stupid question. The prospect of delivering 3 stands on your first training module is initially daunting, but Mike provides encouragement, constructive criticism, and suggestions. Highly recommended.


Julian Humphries, Trowbridge, Wiltshire


The One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course - Wattisham 30 Aug 2013


The Insight Course far exceeded all my expectations, and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone contemplating working as a battlefield guide.  Mike has designed the course in a series of "bite-sized chunks", which not only allows you to cover a huge amount of material in a single day, but also makes sure that there is a clear structure to the programme, which makes it far easier to process and remember the information. 


The course is extremely practical, with plenty of insights into the issues to consider if you want to start guiding, all delivered with the benefit of Mike's many years experience as a guide, and the stories and real-life examples that go with that.  Mike also takes the time to understand each individual participant on the course, and offer tailored and candid advice on next steps.  I have come away from the day with a much clearer idea of what I need to do next, and just as importantly a great deal more confidence in doing it.


Simon Gregor, London, England


The Three-Day Battlefield Guide Field Module - Somme Campaign May 2013

I decided to do the three day guide’s course based on the Somme immediately following my one day introduction course.  It proved to be interesting, informative, and a little testing of my knowledge, all of which provides a fantastic grounding in the world of battlefield guiding.  Having to prepare and present on various aspects of the conflict and the ground we stood on was an excellent way to prepare for doing it “for real”.  A very worthwhile experience, one I’m keen to extend on the Ypres-based module.

Scott Galloway, Blairgowrie, Scotland

As someone who has had a lifelong interest in military history, I am staggered by how much I learned during the 3 days of the Somme module.  I've been to the Somme many times and have been to the many of the same places we visited during this 3 day trip but not quite like this.  The breadth and depth of knowledge that you come away with is remarkable.


What was particularly poignant was visiting many of the places that are off the beaten path; some I never knew existed.  It was this depth of experience that Mike brought to our visit that highlighted just how valuable it is to learn from one who has been guiding at this level for so long.
For those who are serious about becoming a battlefield guide, this is money well spent.

Mike Jarmain, Aberystwyth, Wales 

Having now completed the one, two and three day course I feel confident to take on the challenge of planning and leading a tour.  Mike is an excellent teacher and is able to communicate his 30 years of experience in a way that is easy to understand and emulate.  I have not previously been to the Somme or Arras, but now have a full understanding of both the key battles and more importantly the vital admin issue that arise there.  I recommend this training to anyone who is serious about becoming a professional Battle Field Guide.
Dennis Vincent, RMA Sandhurst, Surrey 

The One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course - Wattisham May 2013 

I have been interested in military history for a number of years, and have been lucky enough to combine two of my interests by leading motorcycle tours on the Western Front and Normandy over the last four years. I had no idea that there was training available to be a battlefield tour guide until I came across the TGT+V website.

I attended the One Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course, which turned out to be an excellent day. Mike presented the course with enthusiasm and passion, being very knowledgeable in this field. The content of the course provides all of the information you require to decide if being a battlefield tour guide is right for you.

While motorcycle tours are a particular niche that I’m interested in, I also learnt that there are many other options that can be explored. I came away feeling totally enthused by what I had learnt, with many new ideas and ways to improve on what I already do. I consider this one day course as the first step on my road to continual learning, and look forward to attending the field modules to further enhance my knowledge.

I fully recommend the One Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course to anyone thinking of getting into this business.


Paul Kersey, Woodbridge, Suffolk

Having had a long term interest in WW1 following the discovery of a long-lost Great Uncle in the conflict, I attended Mike Peter’s introduction to Battlefield Guiding course with a view to taking this interest further.  It provided to be an insightful and fact filled experience which in one day gave me a complete understanding of what it would take to become a battlefield guide.


Scott Galloway, Blairgowrie, Scotland

I have always been interested in battlefields and Military History, and over the last few years I developed the idea of one day becoming a Battlefield Guide. the problem was that I had no idea where to start. My initial research seemed to reveal that in the past, other Battlefield Guides just got on and did it, I found this to be quite a daunting prospect. A few months ago through the miracle of social media I was put in touch with Mike Peters. Mike made contact with me and as a result I signed up to his one-day Battlefield Guide insight course.
I have say it was probably one of the best decisions I have made for some time. It was a well run and informative day. The entire process of Battlefield Guiding and the tour industry was layed out in its raw form. The day gave me a greater understanding of what to expect.
The TGT&V Insight Course has given me the confidence to move forward with Battlefield Guiding, and for anyone else out there wanting to break into the world of Battlefield Guiding, I unreservedly recommend this course.


Scott Brand, Luton, Bedfordshire


For several years now I have been looking at the possibility of getting into the Battlefield Tour Industry as a guide, after getting very interested while tracing my own family history.I like so many others just didnt know how? After stumbling across Mike Peters website and training courses through Google, and then following him on twitter and facebook, I decided to take the first step and book the 1 day insight course. It was the best thing i have done in along time!

The course was very well structured and gave a 'To The Point' view of working as a guide in the Battlefield Tour industry. The inclusion of a presentation from a very reputable tour company gave an insight into the industry when viewed from an Employers stance. This course has 100% made my mind up as to what I want from the industry and I cannot wait to get onto the Battlefield Guide 3 day Field Modules!


Stuart Baxter, London

The One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course - Wattisham Feb 2013 

I have always been fascinated by history and archaeology. I now have the opportunity to completely change my career.  As I intend to move to Normandy shortly, I had the idea of becoming a Normandy Battlefield Guide before I attended this course. I had absolutely no clue of where to start or how to get into the tourism industry.  There are no ‘teach your self’ Battlefield guiding books, and internet searches on the subject are not very helpful either!   Completely by accident I heard Mike Peters on BBC Radio Suffolk talking about battlefields.  This led me onto attending the one-day TGT+V Battlefield Guide Insight Course at Wattisham Airfield on a 22nd February.  It was a very cold winter’s day, but there was a warm welcome for all of the attendees. I found Mike’s presentations engaging, well paced and very informative. With Mike’s extensive experience in the industry, you get a real friendly ‘whiff of cordite’! The whole day’s programme I felt was well balanced, with two guest speaker presentations and plenty of opportunity to ask questions. I acquired, in a short space of time, much of the basic industry knowledge required to progress my career further. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the experience, but as a direct result of the course, I’m planning to launch my own battlefield tour company in 2014.

Robin Burrows-Ellis, Red Ramble Tours 

Thank you for the 2 day continuation course at Ypres.  As a career soldier I thought that I had a full grasp of Battle field Tours, however this course introduced me to the wider aspects of the industry, including how the administration and behind the scene work is conducted.  I would highly recommend this course and the 1 day Insight course to anyone in the military looking to get into the Battle field Tour industry.


Dennis Vincent, RMA Sandhurst, Surrey


The Two-Day Battlefield Guide Field Module - Ypres Salient Feb 2013


Just want to say thank you for an excellent course - very well run and I really enjoyed it.  I now feel very enthused about Battlefield Guiding.  In fact, I can't wait to start!


Mike Jarmain, Aberystwyth, Wales

Thanks for a great package of training. I found the combination of the 1 and 2 day courses just right with a good balance of theory and practical. I found the opportunity to stand up in front of peers and get feedback from like minded students and a professional guide (Mike Peters) invaluable.


Although well prepared I still gained a real understanding of the level of detail that a guide needs to have both to provide the context and answer the types of questions a paying customer is likely to ask and deserves to have answered. Coming straight after the one-day insight course, which gave a clear view of the industry and types of clients one is likely to deal with, supported by input from Alain Chissel (Director of Anglia Tours), I certainly felt the training was valued and critically that having received it I can produce and deliver a relevant, focussed stand that would be informative and engaging to a professional standard.


Conscious that we all have our own experiences I do feel I have now set a firm baseline from which to develop my knowledge and skills. Between the opportunities offered by the Guild of Battlefield Guides (recces, CPD and in time the Path to the Badge), practical experience (either paid or as work experience in the short term) and when time and funds allow further training through TGT+V, I can certainly see myself developing in the next 12 months to a point where I am Battlefield Guiding on a professional basis.


Peter Fensome, Caterham, Surrey


 I attended the three day course on the Somme and have nothing but praise for TGT+V. I already knew that being a Battlefield Guide was my long term objective but the course has accelerated that process. The experience of being actually on the battlefield and learning from Mike and fellow students was invaluable. The camaraderie with the other course participants was the icing on the cake and I came away from the weekend feeling that I had genuinely made six new friends. I will certainly attend future courses and would recommend this training to anyone who has an interest in pursuing a career as a Battlefield Guide.

Nigel Dunkerley, Glossop, Derbyshire.
The Two-day Battlefield Guide Field Module - Ypres Salient 2012

Feedback - what can I say?  Outstanding, superb, compelling, thought-provoking…all of these and more.


I had a tremendous time on the Course and found it extremely helpful in providing  ideas for ways to deliver information to clients, 'top tips' about the logistics of a battlefield tour and 'insider knowledge' of the Ypres tourist area as it is today – not to mention facts and figures about the 1914-18 period itself. I cannot recommend the Course hghly enough and will certainly recommend it to any of my colleagues and friends thinking of becoming a professional guide.

On a personal note, I had never met my fellow student guides before this Course but, when we parted, I felt that I had gained new, good friends, whom I look forward to meeting again on the battlefields in the near future. It was really fulfilling sharing time with people who had the same passionate interest for military history; I hope that we will be helping each other with information, and maybe even tours together, in the years to come. I will be coming to the Somme.


Brian Riley, Waddington, Lincs

The one day insight course really wet my appetite for Battlefield Guiding. The Two-day course in the Ypres Salient has further strengthened my determination to become a professional Battlefield Guide, and increased my thirst for knowledge.

The course in Ypres was well-structured, it really has broken the ice on guiding. Researching and delivering your our first stand on a battlefield was such a buzz.  Bouyed with support and constructive criticism from both fellow students and the instructor I have my tail up and the wind in my sails. I look forward to the challenges that researching the Somme will bring, and delivering that new-found knowledge on a battlefield once again. On a personal note, the reality of the actions and the human cost has been exceptionally thought-provoking. This has only made me resolute in my determination to ensure that their story is told accurately,” lest we forget”.


I look forward to the next phase of training, and meeting up with my new found TGT+V “Pals”.


Brendan Joyce, Doncaster, South Yorkshire


The One-Day Battlefield Guide Insight Course 2012


The insight course was an excellent introduction for those looking to get into Battlefield Guiding and I found the entire day very informative.  I now have a much better understanding about battlefield guiding and the whole process of validation.  I am already looking forward to the two day course in Ypres.


Mark Brennan, Hadleigh, Suffolk


The insight day gave me exactly what I needed in terms of getting a clear idea

of the opportunities that are available as a battlefield guide, also, the different 

types of audiences that I might work with as a guide. It was good to go through

the experience with a group of likeminded individuals. When I came away I

had not only a clearer idea of what I would be getting into but also some

clear objectives that would take me along the road toward becoming a

battlefield guide.

I found the course both interesting and informative. It gave me everything that I needed and I arrived back in London really fired up. I now have an undestanding of what I need to do to start myself off as a Battlefield Guide. Thanks for a great day and for all of your help and support.


Roger Lye, Watford, Herts

When I first heard about the TGT+V Battlefield Guide Insight Course I jumped at the chance to learn about what being a guide really entailed. I was not disappointed; the course is well structured and gave a concise and detailed insight into a multitude of subjects - ‘battlefield tourists’, tour destinations, guide personal administration and guiding principles. It was particularly useful to be given advice which was clearly based on years of experience and subject matter knowledge.


Overall this was a very useful day and essential for anybody who is thinking of a complete career change. I had pretty much decided that I wanted to be a Battlefield Guide before I attended this course, but I had no idea where to start or how to break into the industry. I found all of the presentations incredibly useful; in particular, the opportunity to listen to a leading Battlefield Tour Operator’s view of the trade and ask questions was invaluable. I am now quite clear about what I want to do and I am already looking forward to the two-day continuation course in Ypres.


Rick Bate, Mildenhall, Suffolk



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